23 Nov 2009

Friendship Fear

The train is moving on towards a new destination
Leaving the old one behind
With empty spaces, dreams and hopes
Memories, sadness, madness, and despair
In the store room of mind
The journey taken over the mind with joy
In search of a new souls
Making the old souls the haunters
Days with magical touch in old destination are hard to forget
Massacring those jubilous and taunting incidents
And then scripted them in a golden graveyard in minds
With eyes blossomed with tears
And the hearts broken down to mere atoms
Can we forget our times together?
Can we do that ever?
With the destinies spread out in different directions
The time moving ever so rapid
With no chance to meet together
With no way to exchange words
How can we serve our friendship?
Will the minds crave for those times together?
Will the minds wish for the return of those days?
Will it remain or vanish, our friendship?
With so many changes awaiting in life
With so many new relations getting ready to bond
When the time play the game  of life with us
With the  god orchestrating  that game with precision
New mode takes guard in life
And, when the new destination is accomplished
Will the silent bond of a beautiful friendship remain intact,
unlike our fears?

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