23 Nov 2009


It’s hard to get over a heartbreak!

For some time,
It’s like a frozen life without aims,
With more of an instinctual living.

Working harder, as if, it’s everything!
Keeping busy all the time,
So that, mind doesn’t miss anything.

There are so many memories,
So many questions,
So many thoughts,
Answers, a whole lot of them,
It’s different every time,
When given from different angles.
That’s what bamboozles the mind.

Assumptions are a bane,
This enables the mind,
To build castles in air,
Takes through the beautiful valleys,
It’s a dreamy world,
That excites all the time.

But it takes,
Just a few words,
Matter of few moments
To stumble down!
Into the ocean of despair.

It can bury the hopes,
Inside the deepest trenches,
Without any reason!
That’s what thoughts can do  to one.

Some times the pain,
Becomes so hollow and shameful,
When the facts comes out.
Knowing that,
All the thoughts were just crap,
One can smile it off.

But, the emotions that one went through,
The time that passed away,
Everything is simply agonizing.
Loss incurred for nothing,
That’s the bottom-line.

Not realizing the facts,
Isn’t it, an excuse to get away?
Not trying to get the facts,
Isn’t it a mistake, that’s unpardonable?

But the very naked truth!
That there is no path ahead,
A vacuum of some kind,
Really is beyond imagination.

The very thought,
Can leave one silent forever,
Aloof somewhere,
Where the time ceases,
Everything around stands still!

Tears will flow,
Until there is single drop left!
But what for these tears?
And why it’s being shed?

Then there is a stage,
When every feeling, ceases to exist!
Everything seems same,
No agony, no sadness,
No laughter, no fun,
Thoughts, the only emotion left,
A disgruntled companion!

Sometimes one can wonder!

Why oh why?
The feelings aren’t understood!
Why oh why?
The pain is drowned unnoticed!

Every bit of passion isn’t madness,
The concerns aren’t flimsy.

Why oh why?
The eyes are closed!
The ears are closed!
To run away farther?
Heartless or acting so?

There is always time in hand,
To think about the lost chances,
To regret the mistakes committed,
Yet dreaming about a patch up.

Life is so funny, yet could be so cruel,
It’s easy to dream all the time,
But, hard to watch the crumbling hopes.


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