26 Nov 2009

Legendary Tree

Where is that old legendary tree?
For years, it stood as a talismanic figure
In front of a junction of history
Beside the historic royal path
In front of grand old institutions
Like the Victorian town hall, University college, Sanskrit college
It stood and saw the times of change
In the end, fell down to sacrifice itself as the cost
For new age development
Soon vehicles will run
Over the very place, where it stood
It seems something is missing there
Bright light is streaming around
Than that beautiful shadows of branches
Now the roadside vendors
Too went missing as part of change
In rain days, it covered many people from rain
With its massive branches
During hot sunny days, it gave the breeze
It gave shelter to hundreds of people from scorching heat
As they waited, for buses that headed towards their destinations
Now there is a big vacuum
It’s hard to fill in and it never will be filled in
Those who once enjoyed the warmth of it
They will surely miss it whenever they pass by
It’s inevitable, as hundreds have to travel
Wider road is a necessity
That marked the end of a glorious life
It left a mark on the history of the city
I still remember those beautiful greeting cards
Sold under the shade of that tree
During Christmas, Valentines Day, Friendship day etc
I still remember those vendors selling
Vegetables, fruits, seeds and other stuffs
I couldn’t forget some policemen
Standing and helping the pedestrians to cross the road
During rush hours
Now people will wait for bus in the bus shelter
Finally, it will have people standing there
As that grand old tree is no more to give shade
 Soon no one will remember that grand old tree
That stood meters inside the road
It was once a hub of activities
Now its space is a hub for vehicles to run fast

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