23 Nov 2009

Looters on road

Tricycle is the face of Indian transport
or say modern version of old rickshaw
We call it in short,auto
Its amazing how they take us through
the by lanes and heavy traffic
to our desired destination in comfort
Its our reply to the yellow cabs
But is it?
Everyone cant afford vehicles to travel
When it is urgent,we are forced
to rely on those autos
It can save us valuable time
As we can avoid every snailing buses
or other transport systems
But a breed of auto handlers
They think that we are at their mercy
We pay the money for the ride
We aren't approaching them for free ride
Government has fixed rates
Which i believe is reasonable
Now electronic meters are there
which give somewhat accurate readings
But they refuse to switch it on
Before they start the journey
We have to fight for our rights to travel
Is it our land or some other alien land?
As we are in urgent need,we succumb
to the demands,its our fault
Still,there is a limit for the greed
Even if they switch on the meter
In the end they fight to get more
than what the meter indicates
Its a shame that nobody cares
I lost count fighting rogue auto handlers
Who demand more than what they command
Authorities says,you complain to the cops
They will take action,
If actions are taken,then why aren't they changing?
One threatend,go and complain
Ive got lawyer,i will deal it there
Who will control these looters
Who loot the hapless commuters
Who rely these greedy morons
For urgent journeys
It seems we are destined
To fight every day with these looters
If you are lucky you can get away with bargain
if not you are destined to loose money
Or else you will loose precious time
And harassment in front of public
cos these looters don't have any shame

                Nithin R S

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