25 Nov 2009

Marina Beach

Beaches are always so close to my heart
Since i live in a place with lot of beaches
I was excited about seeing a beach
That i saw on TV,ravaged by tsunami
Marina beach,chennai's own beach

Me and my friend hired an auto
As we didn't know the route
On the way,i felt the chennai heat
As if blowers are blowing hot air
from the sides
It turned to be just a short journey
But,we just couldn't prevent ourself
over paying ever greedy service provider

At first i looked forward
I asked myself, where is the sea?
I was surprised to see the long sand beach
so long and wide
I said to myself,oh my god
Its simply the biggest beach i ever visited
We walked towards the sea
It seemed that the distance isn't getting shorter

I thought,the long beach could
easily accommodate handful of football pitches
We saw the vendors on the beach
Serving colorful fish delicacies
and other snacks in various stalls

At a distance we saw the crowd
enjoying the waves in their little groups
Some were riding horses for fun
Some were walking along the beach
Some were sitting and watching the waves
Daring ones swam in those waves
Some who wanted to feel the waves
walked towards the waves
When the waves splashed with force
some were screaming and running backwards
Some fell down,and on lookers laughed
Some groups stood together
As if they wanted to conquer the waves
We went to have our feet wet
But i didnt feel the wave to be the that strong
Like the ones i normally see in my native beach
May be i was expecting alot about the waves
But surely felt the warm afternoon breeze of the sea

Some attention seeking guys
Showed their stunts in waves
To impress the beautiful ladies out there
Some girls were so busy in enticing
the guys who stared at them
We saw so many romantic couples
At one glance,we felt
Most of them were students
Who bunked classes from colleges
To have some romance on the beach
Families enjoyed their time in beach
letting kids to play on the sand
Some built castles and houses
Some were just running around

There were groups of students
In company of their teachers
Seeing the beach as part of tour
In short there were hundreds
who were excited about the waves and beach
I think,its a place that draws diverse hearts
With one passion

We tested out the fruit salad from a stall
Its a respite from the burning heat
Big open area and bright sun above
There are no place to hide
As we sat down , we saw some crabs walking around
Vendors came up with ground nuts and other stuffs
We saw some kids throwing bottles into sea
And then trying to snatch it back from the waves
A group was so immersed in that game
But one kid stood out from all
As he went towards the waves with a plastic board
May be a junk one.
He swam bit through the waves carrying it
Then he laid over the board and he floated
As the waves started coming towards beach
It seemed he was more of like laid surfing
For a kid to do such an act,was amazing
No one else dared to go that far like he did
Surely he got some appreciation from stunned eyes

As we had to return to railway station
We said good bye to the waves
And walked towards the bus stop
On our way we saw some burrows on beach
we went and watched it closely
Stunned by the scene
Yes,there were some tin cans containing water
from the depth of beach
We saw some kids filling thrown away bottles
with the water from those burrows
There were so many such filled bottled
Arranged  beside those burrows
I never saw such burrows in any beach before
many vendors stalls nearby had such water bottles,
we were less shocked though

We walked past the body sized posters of filmstars
may be for taking photos for the visitors by standing aside
We walked past the beautiful sculptured park
Saw many people resting there

Though buses came
I don't know why,i insisted on walking
Though we were tired,
May be i thought the distance was less
Or may be i liked the tiled walkway
With sculptured barriers on the side
While we walked ,we kept looking at the beach
Saw many upcoming lawns aside
Sprinkled with water
There were series of parks at some distance
Lost count of colleges and railwaystations
We kept walking in search of a Gandhi statue
Simply the beach was so long
I was envious,cos its so beautiful
May be i was too excited about walking
and watching the beach
But it took a toll on my friend
Who had a long journey undue at night
I wished to see the sun set though
But i had a train to catch
So kept on walking

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Jingle said...

love beaches too,
thanks for the exciting tour..
the imagery is breath taking!

Jingle said...

Thanks for sharing the most beautiful poetry with poetry potluck.
love the details....

sand burns, water cools off...
hope to see you next time.
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Nithin R S said...

Sure. thanks for reading. :) Well thanks for informing about the carnival. I am glad to recieve comments :)

TALON said...

There is something so beautiful about water and a sandy beach is always a delight. I'm so glad you and your friend had a fabulous time. That beach sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

wow man... i have been to marina and u described excellently... bravo!!!

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