23 Nov 2009


All my tears can’t even make balance,
For the hard times you went through,
You tried to hide yourselves in silence
Hoping that i could see your discomfort
The emotions of your heart never reached me
Its pity, that i never saw your heart
You tried hard, not to hurt me
While I kept trying hard like it means everything
To find out the reason for your silence
When I myself is the reason, how could you tell me
I wonder how I didn’t realise it!
When you looked at my eyes
I felt, it is craving to tell something
But the lips are tightened up by emotions
Not to spell even a word to me
I tried hard, not to let a single drop of tear
To fill in my eyes, as I know, you cant bear it
I walked with you, to see you off
With a smile in face and bleeding heart
I know you can feel my emotions
Yet you can’t help yourself, nor can I
We are two sides of the same heart
As you started moving
My eyes started filling with tears
I waved you, with a hope that you will comeback
Even when i knew you wont,
Still hoping and wishing you were here

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