23 Nov 2009

Patch Up

Minutes, hours, and days goes by,
Without the thoughts of someone,
As it is frozen inside heart!
Deliberately closed the eyes on it,
May be to forget the agony.
Yet somewhere down the line,
A spark of memory strikes,
Takes back to those moments.
But there is a thought, which engrosses the mind,
That the story has ended!
Yet there is a feeling
That soon everything will be fine
Still there is uncontrolled
communication through emotions,
Than through the words!
This goes on as ever,
As the upset hearts are not ready yet,
To listen to those words,
As the hurtled hearts needs some time,
To realize, it happened out of fury,
Nothing else!
When mood goes off,
And there is too much expression,
Sometimes things get out of hand.
There should be space,
So that there isn’t bugging,
And no possessive instincts grows,
As some times being alone,
Keeps the mind calm!
If the hearts adjust likewise,
There won’t be burstups.
But if then, one bugs up,
Words and words collides,
Heart and heart are caught unawares,
Then the egos take the centre stage,
That’s where the game is lost!
Love or friendship,
Turns into foeship courtesy of egos,
The attachment never dies,
It’s the question,
Who will take the first step?
That’s what keeps the two apart!
Silence is the best medium,
To convey that,
A break is inevitable to revitalize.
Distances vanishes,
When a smile flies from distance,
Or the voice touches the ears,
Or the view of two eyes comes in vicinity,
The times of agony melts down!
The joy of getting back something
arouses in the heart.
More than words, it’s the deep breaths
That speaks for minds
What to ask, how to heal,
Why it happened, why the distance arised,
Questions are many.
But the answers are about the missed moments,
Missed joys and the times together,
The feelings that embraced the hearts.
So many heartfelt sorries and apologies,
Brings the hearts together,
Dumping the past into memories,
Then taking the new step towards future,
Laughing all the way back to those old ways,
With some new promises and resolutions!
It takes only a few moments to patch up,
But its about taking the initiative,
Nothing is lost as long as,
Intent of warmth for someone is alive in heart!

Image courtesy : thelatestnews

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