23 Nov 2009

See dreams,girl

When you are tired
Lay on your bed
Close your eyes,
Ease out your mind
Let it free to fly around
See those angels around
Singing songs of love
See those birds flying with freedom
Look at the joy in their eyes
See those beaches,
Walk along those beaches
Seeing those waves
See all those beautiful cats
Take them in your hand
Pamper them and see those beautiful smiles
You will feel that happiness
That will take away your tensions
Sing your favourite songs
See those rainbows swaying with your song
Run around just like when you were kid
Swim in those beautiful lakes
Take those beautiful roses
And feel the fragrance of love
Feel the fragrance of courtesy
Feel the fragrance of friendship
Feel the fragrance of happiness
Keep one rose on your hair
And watch yourself on the mirror
You will feel like a queen
Dance along with the tunes of angels
Then paint those beautiful sceneries
In the canvas of your heart
Lumber yourself into a sweet sleep
Enjoying life in a dreamy world
You will wake up freshened up
With beautiful smile on your eyes
All those pains will vanish
You will feel a brand new spirit
The spirit of hope and happiness!

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