23 Nov 2009


When I see you silent
A feeling of discomfort arises
I always try to hide it, screw it
But it comes out as words
A knee-jerk reaction of sorts
I know there is a reason for your silence
Some times, you don’t want to share
But curious mind always craves to track it
I try all my tricks to get you speak
But I know you are a  tough nut to crack
It may be irritating for you
But what to do, instincts are hard to suppress
When deliberation plays in,
Desperation has to make way
I always want to see you vibrant
Crushing the very silence with a smile
I always want to see you laughing
As a gesture against bad moods
I want to find answers to your silence
The solutions for the problems beneath it
yet, every now and then your silence abrupt
Making me bit concerned
There is something to tell for that silence
A silence in return will be nice sometimes
Let’s talk in the language of silence
Until the smiles are back at the eyes
and words are back at the lips
With brand new excitement.

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