23 Nov 2009

Sun,Where are you?

Its summer,
The time to see the sun,
At his scintillating fury!

Hang on, where is he?
It’s been quite a while,
Since I had the glimpse of him.

Poor chap,
He is hiding behind
Those dreadful clouds.

The harvesting season is near,
But where are you?
It’s the time farmers needed you.
But, you let them down,

You heated up those seas
And they steamed up to the sky
Look, how they are diving down
Like freefalling skydivers to the earth

Yes, it’s the summer rain!
Everyone thought it’s a routine one,
Now, all are counting days
Where are you, sun?

Every field filled with water
Destroying the hard-earned yield
Plunging the farmers to the heap of loss
How will you compensate them for their tears?
All their dreams were spoiled
Still hoping for your return
To salvage something out of those flood waters

Those children who hoped to play around
During their very summer vacation
Have no choice but to sit at home
Waiting for you

Those birds who were about to migrate
All drenched up in your absence
All those dried up plants dancing in green tunes now
Yet you are hiding behind those clouds?

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