23 Nov 2009

Swim against the Tide

Swim against the tide and take on the challenges
Which others say, no you can’t do
That’s what is thrilling!
To set targets that looks odd
Unachievable from distance
But the pleasure of fighting on
It is something magical
Working with a steamy mind
Calculating all the possible roadblocks
Finding streamy solutions to it
Calculating some short cuts
Finding optimum ways to cash it in
Then planning a foolproof plan to succeed
Then travelling through those paths
In the imagination, for a test ride
Then gearing up for the grand show down
To entice others in a shock of their life time
Isn’t it a rocking way to enjoy life
To think different and act different
Others may laugh, may call eccentric
Living a life with small dreams
Will be more of a routine one
Waking up, working and sleeping
When there is, something challenging in front
Life becomes ever so green
Every dawn comes up with an invitation
To engage in a captivating battle
A spirit of excitement that keeps life alive
Until the dusk comes calling to rest
Even in dreams the very challenge keeps
The mind raring to go when the new dawn rises
Tears and smiles will swing like share market
But, there is always only one thing that remains in mind
An agony
To fight like in hell to prove everyone wrong
And to conquer the challenge beating all odds
The joy of being a conqueror
Nothing else can match it
That’s why the passion remains stubborn
Until the task is achieved
No matter how much time it takes
No matter what cost is there to be paid
No matter what pains are there to endure
All that matters is that moment of pumping the fist in air
Like a true conqueror!

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woih said...

When I hear, "you can't" I say, watch me.
Great writing.

umamaheswari anandane said...

To set targets that looks odd
Unachievable from distance
But the pleasure of fighting on

Lovely words...
Beautiful poem

Jingle said...

I see the image,
I can image the emotions in your work..

powerful implications.
well written work.

Jingle said...

I always love open view, your ocean image gives me a pleasant feeling in sight.

overcoming life's adversity, or conquering life's challenges is hard, yet we can achieve if we work hard and set our minds to..
love your work.