23 Nov 2009

An unprospering wait

Waiting for someone close to heart
Always keeps the mind excited
When its is about meeting after a long time
After a spat that kept each other apart
There is no other choice, but to wait
For that moment to come, with some good hope
When things are not going in the right way
It is an agonising long wait
Every second looks like hours
Looking around for the glimpse of that person
Wishing that the person may come
The very next second, but its not gonna be so
Memories flocks the mind through those long waits
The best days that spent together
Those happy moments and funny moments
Along with the painful moments
Keeping the mind busy to prepare for that magical moment
How to welcome, where to start with
What to say, to bring the warmth back
Questions just keeps popping up
Even worrying about some possibilities
What if the person doesn’t come
What if the person just comes and goes in a splash
What if there isn’t any smile at the face
Whether the meeting is for a new start
One cannot stop thinking when waiting with anxiety
Still, it’s a beautiful wait
To be with that someone special
Praying to the god, to make the meeting memorable
So that all the pains are healed
And the cheers get back again

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