23 Nov 2009

Unseasonal Rain

Life was moving on boring as ever,
With spring gone, beauty of nature too.

With leaves falling and swaying with wind,
Sun geared up to smile on nature,
Everyone were waiting for some hot days,

But ,astonishingly!
It lashed, the rain.

Flash floods ramped across the state,
Roads got immersed under the fury,
Of what turned out to be unseasonal rain!

Rather than relishing the relief,
People emerged out of homes with umbrellas,
Cursing on the rain for ruins.

The days passed on and on,
But the rain that changed the season,
Just kept dancing on the land!

More than excitement, agony creeped in,
Kids just looked at the sky,
Asking themselves ,when will it end?

But, the nature got a refreshing cover,
Greenery surfaced all around,
Cheering the minds, cooling the agony.

The cold winds, which accompanied rain,
Became an ecstasy for many,
Those who loved the rain walked through it,
Dancing with the rhythm of the raindrops!

Dampness remained in surface for long,
But it didn’t dampened the spirits,
Everyone knew the unwelcome guest,
Will just vanish as if nothing happened.

But the unseasonal rain was a hit,
As it challenged the weather predictions,
“Proving all the science wrong”!
Showed that “Mother Nature” can surprise,
At her will any time, with unseasonal rain,
Reiterating herself as “the queen of earth”!


Mary said...

Rain, especially unexptected rain, can be so refreshing. Nice writing here! Welcome to Poets United.

Nithin R S said...

Yeah.Unexpected rains are so refreshing. Thanks :)