23 Nov 2009

Unspoken Words

Unspoken Words

Sometimes words become a liability!
What meant for another heart, never reaches there as such.

False hopes crept in one heart, due to the faith in spoken words.
Those words expressed the feelings,
When hope in one heart went on increasing, the other heart took those words lightly.

The irritated heart reacted sharply, as the other one, refused to accept reality.
Somehow, reactions went unnoticed.
The feelings behind smiles and anger always got in other heart as funny!

The silence that came along emotions brought many unspoken words.
As one heart misinterpreted the unspoken words and enjoyed the beauty of it,
While living in a dreamy world without realizing the volatile scenario.

Soon spoken words became intense, while unspoken words remained intact.
At a breakeven point, revelation came
Unspoken words left one heart shocked
Many gestures turned out to be fake ones.
Heart finally came to know that silence had deeper meanings
Unspoken words turn out to be the arrows for breaking the heart
Leaving that heart in pain forever


Mary said...

Important words should not remain unspoken. Nice to meet you on Poetic Asides!

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for the comment.Yeah, i believe what ever it may be,if something bothers, a person should reveal it,so that others know about it. :)