23 Nov 2009

Without you

Up in the sky may be as a star
You might be looking at me
With a nice smile as ever
This distance is hard to bear
Its only days,
But, it seems like years have passed by
I am missing your words
I wish if you were still here
I feel that I lost my wings
You were my wings, which let me to dream
And supported me always
You never let me feel that I am a failure
You always made me believe
That I am up there with others
I always looked up to you only for guidance
Now nowhere to look, as I don’t trust any other
I feel I am alone without you
I never counted on others words
I trusted yours only
You always let me to do what I like
Always listened to my plans

You always believed I would reach highs
Without you, I am lost in wilderness
Struggling to find the way out
Feeling in secured inside the heart
I miss you when I read news
I remember the way we debated

You took me to world of words
But you never read my words
It will remain a dream forever
To see you reviewing my words

You are my idol
Your words are still with me
Reminding me to move forward
To reach the heights
I crave for your presence
I get to see you only in nightmares
I still can’t understand why!
You are in my heart, yet you are so far away
It’s a big long journey that I have to travel
With only some fond memories of yours in company
As a source of hope and encouragement

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