26 Nov 2009


What a way to mention youth!
An advertisement for a soft drinks
Needed something to refresh their image
After getting rid of old stars
What a way to divide nation
on the lines of old and young
Youngistan for young indians
But i wonder when will some other
come up with oldistan to tap up old indians
After branding Generation-X and Generation-Y
Now youth are from youngistan
In every media there is space for youngistan
Their opinion counts after all
Uttering bla bla bla in typical accent
Talking big about too many things
To take it further,youth channels
roping in freaky youngistanis
into splitsvillas and shameless numerous programs
Wow,that make some sense
Business after all,viewership and sponsorships
I wonder if the parents of youngistan
are really bothered about their kids
Doing all wierd stuffs on tv to get
some seconds of fame,without any remorse
Calling others horrendous abuses
And showcasing fashion,nothing less than vulgar
I wonder where this youngistan is going
People cries out for media moderation
But i wonder where are those moral policing forces
Closing their eyes on disection of so called sacred culture
caused by promoters of youngistan
an echelon of educated youth
with all kind of flashy gadgets in hands
mainly confined to the pockets in cities
Thats what the real youngistan is all about
There is a huge youth population
facing the life in adverse conditions
No body dare to reach out to that deprived youngistan
Cos it wont bring trp ratings for channels
A farce mania of youngistan will thrive on
Until they come up with some other fizzy stuff

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