1 Dec 2009

Mercenaries of Death

Every morning, we wakes up
Seeing the news of terror, somewhere
All the time we feel, oh my god
Painful enough, to bring tears from eyes

Many a time, we wonder!
Why do all these things happen?
Why is this bloodshed not ending?
Why do all those people have to suffer?

It wont end soon, as
Mercenaries of death
Are out in the streets
In the name of god
In the name of state
In the name of mafia
In the name of terror
Cold blooded, motivated to kill

Now, there is no place in this world
That we can ascertain as safe one
As, anytime, anyone can blow it up
With blood shattering all over the place

Paradises are like hell, now
When will this mayhem end?
I wonder, what do they achieve?
When they kill innocent people
Can they give back the kids, to the parents?
Can they give back parents, to those orphans?
No money or words can make up for those losses
When they can’t give a life, why they wanna take one?

Blame it on those greedy rulers, who
Breaded these mercenaries of death
To gain some paltry political victories
But ended up as the victims of the same
Even child warriors are so determined
Brain washed to be fierce, with guns in hands
Emotionless even when blood splatters
Trained tactically to kill, living only to kill

We can only wish
To get them back to their homes
Changing them for the sake of humanity
Healing them with prayers, so that
This blood shed ends someday

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