1 Dec 2009

Girl,stop running away from life

You can hide inside the covers of bed
You may shed tears in silence, with pain
But, will it bring you any thing new?
Will it bring your lost love, again?

Things are beyond your control, you know
Then, what’s the point in hiding in darkness?
Getting aloof from all those who care for you
Isn’t it a crime, which you are going to commit?

When you are crying in the company of despair
There are some, who are concerned about you
Why can’t you see the tears of people around you?
Life isn’t all about the losses of the past and present

You are forgetting, those who depends on you
They are cheerful when you are smiling and happy
There will be gloominess around your loved ones
Yet, you just don’t wanna see things around you

Can thoughts change the destiny? ask yourself
Cutting yourself can spring blood and induce pain
You feel it’s a way to shed away all  your worries
It will only leave some scars, as marks of cowardice

Get out of your covers and throw away the thoughts
Leave behind your depressed soul, it’s a dead one
Take hope as your new soul, a companion for life
Until you meet your destiny, a lively soul to share life

Girl, stop running away from your  life
Just face it, don’t bother about the past
Gal stop crying, feeling depressed
Just live on, a new world is awaiting you

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