1 Dec 2009

Good Morning

Good morning, it’s a new dawn
Wake up from your beautiful dream
Sun is smiling as if for the first time
Morning fog is blowing away slowly

Dew on the leaves have started melting
After seeing the beautiful smile of sun
Everywhere there is raw exuberance
That’s why dawns are always so special
Birds have started flying
In search of food for the day
Owls have started sleeping
Its their time to sleep calmer

Everywhere you will see a buzz
A lazy build up to the day ahead
It feels like sleeping for long
But there are tasks to finish

Open your windows and watch the sun
Embrace the chilling breeze of winter
You will feel awakened by a fresh dawn
That will kick start a rocking day for you

Keep a nice smile on your face
Walk yourself into a brighter day
Forget all those things of yesterday
It’s a new dawn, to rise again strong

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