2 Dec 2009

Hill of Souls

I walked alone in the hill of souls
In search of a missing piece of heart
I wandered like a disillusioned soul
Frightened by the dreadful scenes

I wondered what the souls are doing
In this peaceful misty greeny hill
I wondered what they are looking for
While the darkness is not around

I asked a soul, what you are searching for
He said, I am looking for an escape route to life
While I saw other souls walking with madness
 In search of long lost dreams and soul mates
I asked myself, am I alive or am I dead
In hell, heaven, or just living in dreams?
Why I am searching in this haunted hill
When there are no traces of hope left 

I breathed harder to feel the odour of hill
Then I realised, I am alive like those birds
Flying around with scared hearts inside
They are as curious as I am about this hill

I found my piece of heart at the horizon
Flying like a peace flag in a torrid warzone
Where the souls are fighting for blessing
To get a life back to fulfil unfinished wishes

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