19 Dec 2009


When luck plays the game of teasing
A rise smile is all that I can afford to show
Amused at the fact that a chance is going down
Right in front of my eyes
Like for a striker shooting the ball wide
When the open goal post is waiting lucratively
The dearest wish seemed like coming near
In a moment of absolute surprise
I know that I have to wait a little more
As I anticipate the clearance of hurdles
That pulls me back forcefully
Whenever I find myself in a position
 Favorable to drive me towards new pastures
Every morning, I wake up with enthusiasm
Rather than annoyance, unlike in bygone days
I am dreaming more and more
About an imminent thrilling journey
As I have moved away from nightmares
That kept me awake many a night
Afflicting fear that stumbled my every move
Now, all I see is a lush green field
So familiar and so luring
Encouraging me to take a plunge
Into the ocean of hope to challenge the luck
 By battling hard with a sturdy heart

It is a debatable whether luck exists or not.But for us,luck is something mysterious to lay upon when things go wrong or get right by a whisker.A magical word to blame or get relief.

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