3 Dec 2009

A Million Sorries

I don’t know how to make you feel
What I am going through now, ever since you left
I don’t know what to say to you
To make you understand, how much sad I am

Things have changed from cheers to jeers
In matter of some moments, I cant believe
We were having some nice time, and now!
We are miles apart like strange souls
When you avoid me like that as you did
I feel,I am lost in an alien planet all alone
With hopes dashed to make it back to this world
As my heart lost all the might to think and find a way

I was just teasing you as always
Wasn’t complaining at all as you believe
I hope that you remember ma promise
That I always will tell truth to you

I am helpless now as you are silent
Not letting me to clear the air as I wish
Getting yourself hurt with those thoughts
Which I couldn’t help you stopping at all

A million sorries fell down as tears
A million words flew down as apologies
A million souls emerged from them
Chanting only one thing..Baby I am sorry
I wish you could hear those chants
And forgive me, if I have hurt you

I never misunderstood your feelings
I am as realistic as I ever can be
But then,I m hurt that you are hurt
I wish I could be there to say only three words
“I am sorry”!!!!!!!…………

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