20 Dec 2009

A New Start

I can’t see the road
Fog has taken over
Show me another way
I want to be in hill again

Give me a hand
I am falling down
Stop me from this fall
I want to rise again

Give me a book
I need some advice
Save me from this rot
I want to be wise again

Give me a boat
I need  it to sail
Sieze  me  a new shore
I want to live again

Give me a pen
I need it to write
Send me a new theme
I want to inspire again

Give me a hammer
I need it to thrash
Sell me all the trash
I want to demolish again

Give me a drum
I need it to beat
Sing me a new song
I want to find rhythm again

Give me  a football
I need it to kick
Swing me a stunning cross
I want to score a goal again

Give me a soul
I am dying down
Support me with fresh air
I want to breath once again

I can’t see any luck
Hatred has taken over
Serve me a final chance
I want to love again

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