18 Dec 2009

Questions to god

Sometimes I ask god
Why you are so cruel to those who are good at heart?
Why do you make them suffer?

Without even seeing the golden days
Many of those have to leave this earth
With hearts bearing unfulfilled desires

Their prayers for getting some more time to live
To see the dependents towards shore of safety
Why do you close eyes on those pleas?

When someone decease abruptly
Many a time horror surrounds their loved ones
With no means to go forward
Insecurity calling the shots
With responsibilities to take over the reins
Falling on helpless successors
To manage the debts and legacy
Some never recovers from the disastrous fall
And for rest of the lives, they fight for survival
With only nightmares of good old past in company
Sighs of, what if’s gives some consolation
Lucky ones make it to the nest of relief

When you can let off all the evil forces
Who ravish their brand of mischiefs?
Hurting others deliberately
Snatching their possessions for paltry greed
Making mockery of others sufferings
With disgraceful laughter
Torturing others with power of riches
Killing innocents for silly achievements
Leaving countless relatives in tears
With no power to retaliate

How you can justify the gross injustice,
 towards the deprived ones?
Why do sinners get immunity from sufferings?
Why do you get their every wish fulfilled?
When helpless souls struggle to exist
Begging you for divine intervention
And waits with endless hope for your miracles

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Violetwrites said...

hmm there is a lot of sadness isn't there and people ask why I sing the blues