6 Dec 2009

Walk Alone

Learn to walk alone,
Because at some point,
Those walking beside will leave you alone.
In a strange desert, where there are only sand dunes
You will wander around for directions
To find an oasis for respite
To find a way out of the misery
Wondering what to do next, while still shocked
As you have never been alone before

Those days, when you used to walk together
There was some intimacy, but not anymore
It’s hard to take at times
But no way out, you have to live with it
And learn to move on your own
Facing the life without the shoulders around

Time changes so drastically
All those moments become memories
As time takes everyone to a point
Where all have to chose their priorities
When people try to grab their opportunities
To build their dream lifestyle
They have to move ahead selfishly
Ignoring the ones depending on them,
As life is a competition that demands unrelenting efforts
Only the ones who persevere and fight, achieve success
The ones who relies heavily on others will struggle
Think neither about what others do nor wait for anyone
Trust your intuition and just keep walking through the path you found
Once you reach your destination
You will find people following you rather

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