3 Feb 2010

Return of a magic

Frozen mind is scrambling for ideas
Excited heart is scrambling for assurance
I am caught up between fantasy and reality
Wondering,am I dreaming or sleeping?
All of a sudden
It seems 24 hours is too short even for dreaming
I wish for 50 hours in a day
May be I should look for a new planet to settle down
I don’t want to close my eyes even for a second
In this beautiful earth
As I am always running behind the deadlines
I wonder it’s a curious case of phobia
With mentors expecting new excuses from me everyday
As I tell them,I will do tomorrow
Now they belive, my tomorrow will never come
But I am looking for a today
A day in which I will become a perfect man
May be crows will stop flying that day!
Thunders will refuse to bang on earth!
And my friends will be flying in air without wings!
I amn’t lazy, but I am travelling through world of thoughts
Sometimes I forget that I live in earth than mars!
As I look for words to write down
I wonder why I love them so much
Virtually confused due to bizzare mixture of emotions
Don’t know if its happiness or sadness or sense of relief
I became speechless for a while
Just wished to cry ,smile and thank atonce
Once again ive started believing in miracles
As a magic has swept over my heart
I owe it to the almighty

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