31 May 2010

Lonely Stranger

I was returning home
With lot of thoughts in mind
As I walked past the temple
I casually looked at an old abandoned building
Expecting no surprises
As it remained closed for years
Even before, I moved to this locality
Once it was a home to sports and arts club
Now just a reminder of the past
I noticed a voice from inside
I slowed down to see who it is
I looked through the opened windows
I saw a strange old man with long grey beard
Sitting on the floor
With an apple in his hand
He was immersed in his own world
Talking to himself in some strange language
Or rather singing
I wondered who that stranger is
I’ve never seen him before in my locality
I think he may have lost his way
And chose to rest in that unoccupied building
As it has been raining for many days
As I walked past the building
I kept thinking about that old man
I wondered where he did come from!
May be bit curious about the story
Behind a lonely stranger
Even then, he was talking loudly
As if there are many people sitting beside him

1 comment:

Amritbir Kaur said...

You poem was thought provoking. Often when we need to express ourselves, we have nobody around us. That old man probably wanted to say what nobody was ready to listen to. Great work..keep it up!!!