31 May 2010


There used to be one exotic place on earth
Switzerland, the queen of Alps
Draped over with fluffy snow
And wooed by the naughty chilly winds
Always enticed the honeymoon couples
Or those who wished to ski down the curves
Of a marvelous beauty
Or for the greedy rich men who looked for
A safe haven to hide their riches
But this is a new virtual haven
For those who want to be free
For those who want to express their views
For those who want to know what others think
Those who build a tent in twitter land
 Mingle with the strangers across the world
Sharing their thoughts on countless topics
Sharing jokes and news and whatever possible
Even the constraints of 140 words doesn’t stop anyone
Some people live a parallel life in twitter land
Tweeting everything, they do live
Some just follow the celebrities and other famous people
To read their insights and controversies they make
Some just immerse themselves in following countless people
Or making countless people follow them
It’s fun when every other thing in life is boring
A world to set fire without taking matchbox
Just tweet some words
The fire will just catch up in countless minds
Then it just sparks debates
Some just like re-tweeting what others say
It’s an info highway
Where countless active and lazy people
Spend their time to spread info and get info
With mobile twitter, tweet freaks are online from everywhere
This is an obsessive addiction
That keeps many lives transparent
This is a volatile wonderland
That can change the lives
With the 140 words they use
Some gained accolades
Some lost their image in public
After waging wars against rogue elements
Many lost their little empires of power
After chasing down enemies in public
There are many romances
There are many breakups
This is a quick route for many to show their discontent
Easily infuriating the bosses with mocking
And getting the pink slips to go for some other jobs
It’s a hangout for gangs of friends
To tell and ask anything and everything
It gives the sense that you are not alone
No matter where you are, someone is with you
Following you to know from you
Now it has become just a marketing media
For all ambitious businesses
Tweeting links towards anything on the web
They are just driving people towards products
Building traffic towards the websites
And reaping the countless dollars from thin air
But everyone love twitter land
As somebody is tweeting something right now
And someone is waiting there to read that and reply
This is going to last longer, until something better emerge

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