27 Jun 2010

Butterflies garden

I started walking in the morning
To see the fog and breathe the fresh air
I climbed a lonesome hill hugged by clouds
I wanted to join them at the top
I saw many happy faces trekking down
Laughing and smiling as if life is full of joy
I wondered why I could not walk like them!
Without worries about an uncertain future
Without the thoughts about a painful past
Without the fear about the tasks, I’ve to complete
Along the road, I saw a diversion
I stood for a while
I looked at the summit
Where my favourite clouds are waiting for me
With my seat on that sculptured rock unoccupied
I am eager to reach the summit
Before someone else, occupy my kingdom
But i was tempted by the scenery
Of an unknown, haunting path
Fully covered by over grown grasses
But I saw the intention mark of tyres
Suggesting that someone recently travelled
Through that path
The trees had a weary look with no leaves
I saw the golden leaves scattered all around
I wondered, why I didn’t notice this path before?
I’ve climbed this hill so many times
I decided to see what’s there inside that beautiful wood
Though, I feared for the presence of snakes and other reptiles
I walked through the path by following the tyre marks
As I kept moving, the sun started shining more
I saw some warehouses
But there were no one around
I was eager to go farther to see what is there
I saw the blue sky through a vast opening
As the trees ceased to exist
I saw a beautiful valley and a lake
The valley looked splendid with the array of roses
A vast area divided into sectors
Housing red, blue, white, yellow
And countless other type of roses
As i reached amidst the roses
I saw a jeep parked on the lakefront
An old man was sailing slowly in his boat
I think it was the gardener
As i looked around, i was stunned
At first glance, it looked like rain of golden leaves
As I watched carefully, i realised

It’s a flock of Colourful butterflies, each a masterpiece
Flew down from the hill and took their fiefdoms
Each rose for a butterfly, peacefully closed their wings
Sipped the honey with pleasure
And then flapped their wings and flew up
Moving towards other roses
They resembled the migratory birds that travel in groups
With some butterflies, sticking in smaller groups
And enjoying lighter moments
I looked at the art patterns in their wings
Any painter will be proud of it to paint
These butterflies were enjoying their freedom
Flying with happiness as if nothing else matters
It looked as if a colony of butterflies
And i was like a intruder, but well welcomed
As some butterflies came and sat on me
As more and more of them kept coming
I chose to say good-bye to them and walked back
As i tracked back through that road
I noticed the humps of leaves spread across
The land beneath the trees
Those leaves were bed for thousands of butterflies
They left their bodies behind in this heaven
Their souls are still flying around
Don’t know where they are from
But they came here to their own paradise
A place to celebrate their short life
To enjoy and bid adieu to this world 

This poem is inspired by a video i saw on tv,which showed millions of butterflies travelling to a place together.

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