27 Jun 2010

A day for yourself

Take a break from your anger
Take a break from your tensions
Take a break from your tears
Take a break from your regrets
Take a break from your dreams

Give yourself a day for peace
Go out and spread all your love
Shower all your care
Fly yourself in a world of freedom

Give compliments to the ones closer to you
Tell you mother and sisters
That they are beautiful
Tell your girl friends that they are sexy
Tell your brothers and friends
That they are handsome

Go out and spread the love
Let others know how much they mean to you
Make them feel wanted
As they makes up your world
In sorrows and joy alike

Have a great, peaceful day
Keep sometime for yourself
To rest and rejuvenate
As the marathon of life keeps going on
And you are just a runner
Trying to cross the finishing line
But the finishing line keeps moving away
As you reach near it
No one can sit back and live in glorious past
Cos tomorrow is a new day
With new tasks to finish and new glories to achieve

This poem is derived from the message sent by my friend July.


Aulawi Ahmad said...

tq 4 share the inspiration poem :)

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for visiting.