17 Jun 2010

Fire Walk

A pit in the premises of a temple
Filled with red hot charcoal
Resembling the molten lava
A crowd waiting eagerly
With their souls dedicated to prayers
An aura of spirituality fumed in air
In the darkness of late night
They are all awake in anticipation
Even the stars and moon watched
With curiosity
As the priest blessed the chosen ones
Dressed in the holy colors
Totally immersed in devotion
The spirit of the crowd rose
The chants of applause
Cheered up the chosen ones
They had their eyes on that pit
It shined and lured
Them like expensive jewelry
They took bunch of neem leaves
In their hands
And lined up to walk over that hot bed
Nobody had the fear of burn
Only one thing in mind
Pure dedication to the task
To show their affection to the god
One by one they walked
They didn’t run
They didn’t cry
Even when it seemed like burning
They walked and returned for more
The chants of devotion reached new highs
As prayers conquered the whole area
As they felt the presence of ultimate energy
At the end of the ritual
They applied holy ash on their legs
And rested in tranquility
With a sense of satisfaction
About fulfilling the pledge
Taken during some tough times
That they will do this if they succeed
This is just a return of favor
From heart to please almighty
There may be skeptical onlookers
Who question the logic
But ,some times
Belief ,Customs and experiences
Can stand tall as solemn truth
Defying all logics
Fire walk
It’s a divine walk
To defeat the fear
To defeat the sins
To embrace the goodness
To embrace the god
As a true devotee

I was inspired by the devotion of many people who walked over the fire pits during special festivals in certain temples. 

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