17 Jun 2010

Gun ‘n’ tears

We are living in a jungle of guns
We don’t know who have it with them
Everything looks peaceful
Once in a while
We hear that someone went crazy
With a gun
Shooting down innocent people
Who were just walking down the street
Or living on with their daily routines
In colleges, schools or some public space
We go out with a belief
That we will return home safe
We can’t predict a vehicle hitting us over
Just like that, there’s no guarantee
That we will be safe from guns
Lawmakers provide the liberty to all
To own guns for their safety
I wonder if everyone who owns guns
Really have any kind of threat
How can anyone justify themselves
After Shying away the responsibility
Authorities gave guns and ammunitions
To the revolting rebels
To unstablize various nations
Later they grew up as terror monsters
Attacking the old friends and old enemies alike
With no mercy
Authorities closed eyes on gangs
They closed eyes on illegal trades
Now they have huge reserve of arms
Enough to engage in fights with even armies
Pirates, Maoists, religious armies  
Ethnic miltants, you name anything
They all got guns to shoot down innocent people
Guns shoots bullets
Piercing through the body
And takes away the lives
But bullets don’t know
That it is killing anyone
It’s a dead metal born to kill
And to bring tears from countless eyes
No words or rewards could ever wipe out
Those tears from those eyes
Even after years goes by
Loss of beloved ones through bullets
That’s very tough on growing up children
Having to face an uncertain future
Can anyone explain why they need guns?
Just as they have right to live
We have same rights to live
Nobody has the right to take away
A valuable life
Nobody has the power to heal the tears
Then why they shoot those bullets
Those who lose their breadwinners
 Struggle to make the ends
Their tears never end
As they try to repair their lives
The loss to a bullet will haunt them
Helpless to do anything
Some may take revenge with bullets
But that keeps the cycle of guns and tears
Running endlessly with vengeance
Somebody has to stop it someday
That day might not come
But we can hope

As i watch more and more visuals of gun battles and loss of lives,it just makes me sad as i've seen death in front of me .


Aulawi Ahmad said...

i am sorry to hear that bro, hope the tragedy at ur country could finished early...hope the God give u n all citizen the best wishes.

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for your wishes.Yes hoping for god to give blessings to all.