20 Jun 2010

Monsoon, Mosquitios, and World cup

I am from Mosquitoes own country
It used to be God’s own country
It’s the mesmerizing season of monsoon
More romantic due to season of world cup
As we sit in front of tv in the evening
To watch our favorite stars battling it out
On those green patches in south Africa

Unwelcomed little enemies intrude
Into our privacy to give us irritating company
They are beautiful femme fatale
Their horns are sleek and sharp
They love sipping on the hot blood
In the ever silent nights
The temporary ponds near our home
Built by the every hungry marshy lands
Filled by the tears of monsoon goddess
Lets fishes and mosquitoes to breed and grow
While we watch these games at night
Chilled by rain, yet resisting the sleep
As we anticipate a goal and watch with curiosity

Bang a bite that takes away the eyes
From the screen to the sore spot
Then a lash to it ,
whoa missed by a whisker
Just as a striker missing a sitter
Or a lucky kill,
Like a lethal tackle by a defender
90 minutes of football
90 minutes of battle
To stay safe from deadly bites
Keeping ears sharper to hear their mumblings
Just another variety of Vuvuzelas noise
Yeah but still love it
Rain on the outside, football on tv
And mosquitoes all around
It’s celebration all around.

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