23 Jun 2010

six feet under

Fireballs rain down to the hearts
Cleanse all the egos here into vapor
This world has become filthy and selfish
But, nobody love anyone anymore
Everyone is content to fake a life

Chasing everything that glitters
Chasing everything that got no souls
Chasing everything that bursts like bubbles
With so many onlookers to cheer upon
As well as to mock same way

Finds great pleasure to bask in glory
Even if it is at the cost of all values
There are only place for winners
As it’s all about numbers game
So the show has to keep going
Without feelings or doubts
Only the  results matters

Misguided convincingly to pursue
Every destiny, which are forbidden
Deeply injected with loads of arrogance
Goodwill narrowly iced on top for showbiz

No time for loved ones or hated ones
No time to patch up or to forgive
No time to apologize or to smile
No time to think or to forget
No time to sleep or to rest
No time to care anyone

Time is there to feel depressed
Time is there to get spoiled
Time is there to break up
Time is there to celebrate it
Time is there to meet all others
Time is there to forge new relations

It is a damn race towards achievements
Keeping eyes on rivals movements
Plotting and playing all dirty tricks
To halt others upward growth

When the curtain draws to a close
The trophy cabinets become worthless
Numbers will look totally irrelevant
As only, six feet under matters

This poem is reflection of my mind at times,when i find no desire to chase like others and just wish to find the a land with tranquil aura to survive far away from all the bonds.


TrueIndian said...

nice .......

Anonymous said...

Have u wrote that? Great!! I can't write so lengthy. Untill n unless I strongly moved.
Check out mine
Honestly, waiting for your expert comments.
Last but not the least, Thanks for appreciating my post.

Nithin R S said...

True Indian and Juhi,thanks for your comments :)