20 Jun 2010

World cup Opener

Under the bright sunshine
The dancers put up a spectacle
With singers trying to spread
The spirit of Africa
It is a historic day for a big continent
Hosting the world cup for first time
Showcasing the arrival of a new giants
The massive soccer city stadium
Stunned me as it looked massive
On par with top football stadiums
Across the world
The voice of thousands of Vuvuzelas
Made the atmosphere electric
As thousands of spectators
Blew it with all the might
It sounded as if flocks of bees
Are hovering around
We felt it bit agonizing
As we couldn’t hear the commentary properly
But as the game started
Nothing else mattered
As players rolled jabulani
When Mexicans missed chances after chances
During the opening exchanges
It seemed like
It’s gonna be a bafana bafana day
When they scored an absolute stunner
Vuvuzela’s sparked more life
Until Mexicans dented their dreams
With an equalizer
During final minutes both the teams
Went for the match
And we all had our hearts in our mouth
When the ball hit the post and deflected away
Well it was an entertaining stalemate
It’s just the start of a mega explosion
Of football celebration

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