21 Nov 2009

One Break Express

Viewers, deemed as customers
Catered with flurry of ads
With competition to survive
At the neck, all the time
There comes the super hero
Who eliminates long ad breaks
With precision time machines
On behalf of beloved TV channels
As ads kept viewers rushing
For their remotes for change
Super hero took a new avatar
One break express, a new funda
Ads free programmes guaranteed
But this one break express
Stretches more than quarter of an hour
Showing all ads in a nutshell
In the mode of sports highlights
Leaving viewers with enough time
To do all other activities
Before enjoying a nice movie 

It was quite amusing to see the gimmicks of TV channels stating that they are curtailing ads. Then they showed comic heroes and ads to substantiate their claims. 


Saumya said...

So thought provoking!!!

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for the comment.