21 Sep 2010


I wonder,
Why some girls fall for nice words!
Why they look for mesmerizing words?
Why they can’t take even slight criticism?
Even the silliest remarks look so mean
Despite all attention, they moan
They aren’t being cared
They can shout, but can’t take a shout
They fall for someone
And then lures the one to world of love
Then they think of future
The glossy picture of luxury
They feel distances are too much
And they need someone by side all the time
Despite all the love and emotions
They decides with realm of practicality
They don’t have patience to wait
They need instant happiness like instant coffee
They move on as if nothing happened
Forgetting that they took initiative
Believing that men have heart built with stones
Not to be hurt or broken
Feeling they will move on just like that
While these ladies find the glow in some other
They forget the ones who love from heart
Always brags about the new exciting
So passionate that they will fight with anyone
Who raise a word against them?
When it comes to love , they are daring
They play all the games of feelings
The dramas of heavenly commitment
When it comes to marriage, they play safe
They feel they can’t hurt family
Says a sorry and moves on
Embracing the riches of successful men
The same old story that men face
When they are nothing
When they got only love, hope, and determination
They never get a chance or time to put up a fight
They have to see the girls walking away
Towards the glitz and glamour of new life
As if they don’t have any feelings
Behind the beautiful smiles and exquisite words
These girls hide crooked intentions
They love the fun of romance
They love the bunch of care
But they carry knives in the brains
To pierce the hearts of those who love them
While they dance to tunes of excitement
In their new lives
They are classy and dignified in society
Play acting the roles of perfect wives
They don’t even remember their former love
Trust, last thing to expect from them
Commitment is like new clothes
Tears down as it get old for new one
They need someone when they are down
To make them laugh and heal
Once healed, they fly with some other
With the ease of shopping in mall
These girls make even the innocent men
To become rude and cruel out of pain
Causing suffering to countless others
They ruin the lives of innocence
As they leave the men with urge of vengeance
Silence isn’t weakness
It’s just a state of forgiveness
Though these girls don’t deserve it

I wrote this for countless men who are betrayed by greedy girls who leave them in lurches in search of luxury. Read more poetries of amazing poets at oneshotpoetry . Images courtsey :  .istockphoto & image.shutterstock 


Beachanny said...

I have come and I have read your work. I can feel your broken heart and I can see that there is much that hurts you in life and in women.
Perhaps you rush to much toward the wrong sort of woman. Or perhaps you are being harsh in taking the measure of the women you've met. I suggest you take a look at yourself. You should learn to love yourself and find your own goodness and let it shine from you. When you know that you are being the best you, you can be, you'll find that you are magnet and all good things and people will come to you.

You articulated your feelings very well here; an admirable job. Keep writing and reading. You'll find much in yourself to express.
Thanks for linking and posting.
Gay (@beachanny)

Nithin R S said...

Well.This isn't all about me.I have just articulated the experiences that people i know went through.The impact of it is right in front of me.So i was rather wondering throughout the poem. Thanks for reading and giving indepth insight on it.Well, you words are certainly encouraging to keep expressing my thoughts. Thanks :)

Brian Miller said...

kinda glad to read your response in the comment that it is not all about you...it is a very painful place to be and you bring that out in your words...great one shot!

Desert Rose said...

you bring your feelings and thoughts perfectly into words that beat in your readers's minds and leave prints..this is very skilful, i like your style and your flow is too amazing, good luck poet..Excellent one shot :)
glad to see you here where poets meet and share..:)
The desert rose (@Beeros75) :)

senderupwords said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This speaks volumes to me. Having lost what I had supposed the love of my life after supporting her in her dreams because I could longer afford to support her due to medical issues recently... I got four words and then she was gone. This speaks volumes. Thank you. Love and Light, Sender

dustus said...

Amazing. reading the comments, glad to discover it's not about you. Can relate to your lines and appreciate your poem. cheers

Claudia said...

i'm also glad it's not all about you - otherwise i would've thought you just met the wrong girls…
love how you express this feelings - it can be like this sometimes - esp. love the line...need instant happiness like instant coffee…
nice one shot!

Nithin R S said...

Thanks to all of you for reading and leaving comments. :)

Shashi said...

Nitin, you wear your heart on your sleeve and yes you are very good with words too.. I liked reading this one...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Pete Marshall said...

a really well written poem for one shot...asking some great questions...but so glad it wasnt all you...cheers pete