29 Sep 2010

Final Call

Open the windows of your heart
Listen to voice from my heart
You might never hear it again
So listen carefully to the end
There is only one life to live
There is only one earth to live
There is only one moment to think
There is only one decision to make
You don’t need to run like a deer
To hide somewhere in the woods
I am not a hunter to harm you
I don’t have arrows with me
I only have words with me
You kept running all your life
You kept hiding in the dark  
Trying to evade the reality
This is your final moment
To stand up and face it
To own up your wishes
Or else banish to a new world
Where you can’t be yourself  
But can enjoy a soulless life
With a bright smile on your face
As rain will wash away your past  
Leaving no trace of memories in heart
While you dissolve yourself into bondage
Where obligation will show you the way
To mask your identity to suit the situation
You will get used to it like a tame routine
As time will shower responsibilities on you
There will be no time to dwell on the losses
You will learn to cultivate new dreams and wishes
You will find joy in fulfilling those everyday
Ask yourself for one last time, right now  
Where do you want to be in your life?
What do you want in your life?
You won’t have another day
To change your life
Follow your heart
Go where it leads
Live with a smile

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