31 Aug 2010

Get Well Soon

Galaxy of well-wishers
Earnestly lend ears
To hear from you

Words of relief
Elaborating feelings
Longs to see you smiling
Languidly to mark the recovery

Scores of faithful prayers may bring
Odor of divine blessings from heaven to
Optimize your desire to be back on your feet
Nectars of belief may get you colors of life soon

Visit oneshotpoetry to read fellow writers poetry. Thanks. :)


Luisa Doraz said...

Just beautiful. I love how you put this all together. It is perfect for me. I will show my mom who is in recovery from a knee surgery. Thank you for the smile. :grin: Stay well and happy.

Priyanka Bhowmick said...

simply a wonderful Acrostic formed.. well done!

Nithin R S said...

Luisa and Priyanka, thanks for the comments :)

Brian Miller said...

nice acrostic...almost makes me wish i was sick so i could receive it...smiles. nice one shot!

Eric Alder said...

I've always liked this sort of vertical 'hidden message' thing.

(It has a name, but I forget what it is!)

Nicely done!

Pete Marshall said...

thanks for sharing a thoughtful and great acrostic..cheers pete

kavisionz said...

Such a lovely thought!! And so cleverly and nicely done!
Loved the wordplay... it's very pleasing..