14 Oct 2010

Saina o' Saina

Saina o' Saina, Saina O' Saina,
just bring a gold medal,
you will be the golden girl,
 saina o' saina,
who cares sania afterall

Saina o' Saina, Saina o' saina,
 all eyes are on you,
be the golden girl,
 you will be worshiped,
as an indian goddess,
smash and get the gold

Smash and get the gold ,
saina o' saina,
 come on baby,
everyone is cheering,
don't be scared anymore
,just fly high and smash,
Saina o' Saina

Yes oh yes,baby
Saina o’ saina
Keep fighting and scoring
Our prayers are with you
Your poster will be on walls
Smash and get the gold
Saina o’ saina  


Message in a Bottle said...

Hi, nice site you got here and cool poetry as well. Cheers and more power always.

Jingle said...

cool medal,
perfect poem to go with it.

Jingle said...

I invite you to attend Thursday Poets Rally week 31
let me know when you are ready.
Thanks a lot.

two poetry awards will be given if you participate.
miss you.

The Spoken Word Project said...

I am new to blogging & searching for others blog sites. You have a great site. I look forward to reading more of your poems you currently have up and future poems you add to your page.

Jingle said...


Thanks a lot for the support to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I could not always find time to show how much we appreciate your support, here, three awards for you, hope to see you in of week 7, our theme is love and romance. Happy Monday, Happy Blogging! xxx

Nithin R S said...

Thanks jingle. Sorry i wasn't able to participate in couple of potlucks.i was having a break from poetry, a barren run of days.