27 Jan 2011


The layout in the hand of an adventurer
Had an end with a symbol
There was no further path to look
Nor any mention of the spot
He walked through the snow
Clutching his gears for grip
Fighting against the freezing storm
He walked through the cluster of trees
That hardly had any leaves
He saw the big symbol hanging from height
He kept walking faster with a quest
To conquer the precious treasure
Before the owners come for it
As he had stolen their layout at a pub
But even as he covered huge distance
He didn’t find any trace of hanging symbol
Then he realized that it’s in scripted on snow
On the hill which holds the threat of an avalanche
May be with some wooden blocks or plastic
He wondered if it is just showing the direction
But instincts nodded him to climb the hill
Without fearing the backlash of an avalanche
He reached the spot and dug anxiously
Anticipating something rich and exquisite
But to his agony, he found the frozen bodies
Of late adventurers
Before he could turn around and slide
The hungry avalanche captured him with its fists
Burying him under the warning symbol
Set by those who survived to caution adventurers

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Tess Kincaid said...


Tumblewords: said...

Deadly and wonderful, too!

Kavita said...

Wowww.... what a well-narrated story!!! With a really good moral too!

Sometimes, one must follow one's mind's signs... and take the "right" steps..

Loved and really enjoyed this dark but thought provoking take on the magpie! Great stuff, Nithin!