18 Feb 2011


I am moving to a new shore
I have left a piece of my heart
At your door
Without knocking, like a trespasser
I hope you will open the door
I wonder if you will see it
It holds a piece of my dreams
Which I wished to share with you
It still carries the urn of my feelings
That I never expressed
I wished to conquer your heart
Silently, with a feather touch of emotions
Now, you are beyond my reach
As you have found your destiny
I wish to hold your smile
In my eyes forever as a precious gift
I still hear your voice, when I am alone
Through the realms of my ears
I don’t wish to see tears or fury
In your eyes
As I love it to remain vibrant
So, I won’t leave any words
That might hurt your beliefs
Though I wish to let you know
I’ve fallen for you
Right when I saw your eyes greeting me

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13 Feb 2011

Be My Valentine

Bring a new spring into my barren life
Erasing the thorns of past from memory

My heart is waiting with roses of hope to welcome you
Yearning to drizzle love in your heart like a monsoon 

Vast seasons await our journey together
Across the world with the wings of dreams
Let me show all the wonders you wish to see
Elating you to the skies, fulfilling your wishes
Nurturing your smile like a classic portrait
Teasing your eyes with silent acts of drama
I wish to hold your hand for rest of my life  
Negating all the lows and rooting all the highs
Emptying your sorrows with a touch of magic

I dedicate this poem to all the people who are in love! Happy Valentines Day ! You may get blessed with love of your life! Images Thanks to Google. Visit  acrosticonly  and onestoppoetry  for other poets works. Thanks. :) 

12 Feb 2011

Mr He He

Any body know
Who is “Mr. He He"
Yeah nobody, I know
Let’s find out who is “Mr. He He"

My friend was mobbed by proposals
From the guys who liked her a lot
She had to find a way-out,
She said she has a boy friend
But no one knew, it’s imaginary
So curious guys asked her his name
She said, it’s “Mr. He He"
Yeah, it sounds weird n funny

“Mr. He He"
He is a mystery
“Mr. He He"
He is adorable
“Mr. He He"
He is enviable
But still, who is “Mr. He He"

So every one got surprised
Who is “Mr. He He”
No body has heard about “Mr. He He”
They asked her to introduce him
As they were not ready to believe it
She got in a fix
She had an idea
She told them that he is one among them
And they kept guessing
Checking out all the probable matches
Naming one guy after another
While they were busy finding out who it was
Somebody conquered her heart
Truly he was mysterious
Everyone knew him
Though she shared lighter moments with him
In public, nobody suspected him
Even as she built her castles of love
And laughed with her “Mr He He”
About their secret love story 

This is  a song i tried to write for my online sister kavita,who made beautiful posters of my poetry. It didn't turn out that way.Neverthless,this is a sweet little present for her.

9 Feb 2011

Come back kings

Minutes to go
A Mountain to climb
Dreaded moments waiting
To cage in the destiny
We look for a miracle
As the tired legs
Try to spark magic
The crowd goes roaring
Passes galore with one aim
To force through the iron walls
To sneak in a ray of hope
As red devils, trigger shots at the post
They did it at Nou camp
They did it at white hart lane
They did it at Bloomfield
And many times elsewhere
Breaching through for glory
Breaking the hearts of opponents
They are the comeback kings
Everyone wish to see them loose
Everyone tries to write them off
But they come back chasing an equalizer
And then goes on for the final kill
They are the thrillers of dying seconds
With the doses of passion and determination
Never to lose the game until the whistle is blown 

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3 Feb 2011

Dreaming to dream

I am day dreaming to dream
In this lazy afternoon
As I am getting bored
Waiting for the rain
It’s teasing me,
But hiding somewhere

Take me to Dubai’s islands
I wish to sail in those canals
To see the marvels
Weaved on the laps of sand 

Take me to "Theatre of Dreams"
I wish to sit at the Stretford end
Let me sing, “Glory glory man united”
While watching red-devils play liverpool

I’m getting deluded
I wish to travel in magnetic roads
I’m fed up with the gutters here
I want to ride rotor-less bikes
It will be sliding over magnetic fields
Like good old, Santa Claus’s deer sledge

I am sleepy
But where is my lullaby
Angels please take me to your heaven of dreams
I wish to hear you sing
“Baby sleep like an innocent cat”,

                                               Images thanks to google. :)

2 Feb 2011

Message for my dad

You taught me to read
Think, talk, and debate
And fight for my cause
You showed me the path
With your life
Now I am trying to follow you
You always aimed high
Fighting all the odds
You let me to fall
You let me to rise again
I’m still falling and rising
Learning to stand up finally
On my own, without you
You took me to the sky
How will I repay you,
for your faith in me? I wonder!
As I struggle to convince many
About my wishes
Though it’s been there all life
Only you would have supported me
As you always believed in me
Even when I faltered relentlessly
I wish you were around
As I wait for my big break
I wish for your blessing
Your words still drive me
To keep trying to reach
Where you hoped me to be 

1 Feb 2011


I am a wild horse
Still raw and untamed
I was on exile
In the wilderness of life
I waited on for years
To find my way back to the road
I had lost my way
When I failed in my tasks

I travelled through the wild routes
To build a stable for myself
But, wild-fires of my anger
Burnt the basements
Whenever I tried to rise
As I never was calm and forgiving
I ran away in agony towards new shores
Than trying to fix my stables
Now, I realize I reached nowhere
I have to build from the scratch again

This grassland is enticing
I wish to settle down
Pursuing my dreams
Far away from the expectations
Far away from the mad rush world
Taking a rebirth to be civilized again

Images Thanks to Google.