14 May 2011

River Usk

A stream with unpredictable flow
Moving in opposite directions
Depending upon the tide in the sea
Slim and calm at times
Exposes its bare muddy skin beneath
Storage of balls, cycles, bottles, and junks

Many people had their stuffs falling by chance
And just watched them moving away
As it was risky to retrieve

With the thick mud acting as hindrance
Boats stacks up in mud here and there
Away from its dock
It reminds me of lost boats in deserts
They get back to the shore
When water rises again

At night it flows in its full glory
With big belly burgeoned by tides
Glamorized by the lights on the shore
I try to see, which direction it is flowing
Every other day, before crossing the bridge
Sometimes, I just look at its silence
Through the big windows at university

Sometimes I sit on the bench
On the walkway, just to feel the wind
And to listen to the heart of the river
It’s peaceful to sit and read at night
Underneath the streetlight
With the river giving a nice company
Along with the freezy wind and stars 
I have found a friend in this lazy and frenzy river

Images: Thanks to google images & various websites.


lekshmi said...

After a long time I read your poems that makes me feel pleasant ....thanks Nithin!!!

Nithin R.S. said...

lekshmi, thanks for reading. Glad that my poems make you feel pleasant. Keep reading :)

Brian Miller said...

love to go down and sit by the river to watch it roll...it is peaceful just watching it flow...they drained a lake nearby and you should have seen the stuff on the bottom...

Elizabeth Young said...

There is much gentleness and peace wrapped in this poem, much contemplation. These are things we all need more of, and there is no better place to find them in pondering on some aspect of creation. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.

Mystic Margarita said...

Your poem has a soothing feel to it, much like poets of yore. Loved it.

Kim Nelson said...

The truth of this is so hard to imagine, but you conjured a pretty good vision.


Andy said...

Great imags. Very thought-provoking.

Nicely done.

Pat Hatt said...

First time I saw someone letting the images roll
As their words take their toll
Very creative and fun to read
Your words ring true at your feed
Keeping the thoughts flowing
Creating more images in the mind from your showing

Anonymous said...

I love how you've used the photos to enhance your enchanting poem =)

Bluebell Books said...

very stunning word flow.

Thanks for sharing.

check out short story slam today. hope to see your participation.

C Rose said...

The prompt with imagery is great here and you weave a well told poetic tale of this waterway, allowing its character to come through. Beautifully composed ~ Rose