23 Sep 2011

silence of the soul

Silence of the soul
Aftermath a long journey
Leaves behind countless questions
Yet, everyone ask beloved
What happened?
Without knowing what to say
To console them
To overcome the pain of irrecoverable loss
The tears of the loved ones
Raise questions towards heaven
Hoping that it will be heard
Why did you do it?
We all were here for you
We were part of your happiness
We celebrated it as ours
But when you had a sorrow
You thought, you were alone
Now, we are helpless
We have to survive through this life
With a regret that we couldn’t heal your sorrow
We wish, you had kept some moments
To share your problem with us
We would have found a solution
Now, we can only shower our love for you
With our prayers for you


adreamygal said...

As you have already categorised, very poignant. I often wonder too why people decide to take their life in spur of the moment, and your poem answer: during problematic times, they consider themselves lonely.But then, that is one pat of the story. Maybe there were times when they did try to approach us, but we weer too busy with our life and problems ?

Nithin R.S. said...

thanks for reading and your insights on this poem. but i do feel, when someone make a decision and goes aloof, making a way back is very difficult unless someone could talk them out of it..sometimes the fear for the pride, stops people from sharing.. but i take onboard your thought, may be for some people, they may have just lacked the time and space of loved ones.

Kensium said...

I agree with adreamygal. really when we are in problems and when we feel to be like alone, that situation will be like silence of the soul. This poem gives somuch meaning which is related to our present life. Thanks for sharing.

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