21 Jan 2012


Solemn journey towards peaceful obscurity
Untied from bonds and tiring obligations
Ignited by the passion for a great escape
Capitulated heart with broken dreams and tears
Identifies this medicine as cure for all ills and miseries
Dare to turn around and see the real sufferers in pain
Entice the mind to live; life can be your curing miracle
 Images courtesy: thanks to atheismresource & thebiblepost

16 Jan 2012

I love you from the bottom of my heart

I live with a hope that my
Love will find its way to
You, one day
 From the moment, I met you
The wishful heart craved for you   
Bottom to top it beat the rhythm
 Of your dreams and smile
My wish is to keep them sparkling with
 Heartily promise to wipe your tears all along 

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7 Jan 2012


Laboring days and nights with an aura of funeraL
Obsolete like a buried tree on an active volcanO
Nagging someone, guilt- ridden to seek a returN
Even as the door of reconciliation blare in flamE
Left with suave memories in company to prevaiL
Yearns for love to arise from the ruins as a fancy      

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4 Jan 2012

Winter Blues

Wayward life takes its break
In a silent manner
Nudging away
The days
Emitting the
Rays of laziness

Bores and deludes the mind
Lusts the soul to be sad amidst roar
Urging it to stay aloof and idle in cold
Energizes the fears to sizzle as nightmares  
Searches for reasons to hide away in darkness 

Images courtesy: Medicine world & Fineartamerica 

3 Jan 2012

Idyllic Path

This is my path
For my soul searching journey
Pristine stream without ripples
Standing still like a lively canvas
For the reflections of trees aside
I can see the hidden sky
Through the lenses of the morning fog
The reflections look like a green curtain
To shy away the sunshine
The stream in its silence
Tells the story of its love for its surrounding
As they embrace the solemn peace
The zig-zag path goes hidden
While immersing itself in the fog
I saw an abandoned tent
I feel I can rest for a while in it
While burning the logs around
For some heat
And, listen to the silence of nature
May be I can grab some peace
For my beleaguered heart
Confused and smitten by emptiness
Enduring the pain of a lost soul
I hope this path will take me there
Where I can see my lost soul again
In peace and warmth
Forgiving and realizing each other
Once again

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Endless voyage leading one to nowherE
Muddling the mind like a shrewd worM
Playing the tunes of poignance in a looP  
Tiring the senses with hot rains of guilT
Irking the feeling of loneliness like chillI   
Nesting the darkness as a soulless EdeN  
Embracing the tears as a shelter of frailE
Silencing the soul with frozen emotionS
Surrendering the love of life to thoughtS

Images courtsey: ravsworld & greek viking!

Rainbow on River USK

A welsh winter morning
After an enlightened new-year
Gloomed with dark clouds
Groomed with silent rain
Chilled with wind from riverside
The festive mood was still in air
As the near empty roads suggested
I went for a walk with a friend
Gracing the lonely rain
Walking along the riverside
The usk river remained a slim beauty
Glazing its bare muddy curves
We turned around
A spectacle semi circled the river
Like a colorful hanging bridge
From the edge of its side
To the heights of a nearby tower
A rainbow sparkled
Like a portrait on cloudy canvas
As we snapped up its beauty
With our eyes
The sky opened its canvas
Tearing away the clouds
Making way for the sun to surface
It wished the dawn with a bright smile
While bidding adieu to the soul rain
As the glamour of sun flourished
The fantasy trail of rainbow diminished
With a silent goodbye! 

Image Courtsey: BBC

1 Jan 2012

Helpless Moments

Some moments freezes as it is
Refuses to melt down
As if, it is an imprint to live with
The more I try to forget it
The more it haunts me
A deep regret within my soul
A plight I tried to avoid
I chased the time, to catch some air
Even the shortest distance from safety
Looked so distant, on a night slept in silence
But, my legs weren’t strong enough
In that night of misfortune
I prayed for all the luck
There was nothing left in my destiny
A hollow mind and a strangled heart
Kept me drowning,
While I tried to hold on to the hands of hope
I still ask myself, why I am so slow to react
When it matters the most!
I wonder why I forgot even the sense
To make a simple call , I panicked
As I saw the last breath gasping to the doom
Stood numb and signed that record
On final moment of your life
I still can’t forgive myself
For failing to save you, by a whisker
A few minutes,
I wished I could buy those moments
And give you a breather
While I saw
 You flying away from me forever
Leaving my hands
I still haven’t found my promised land
Without you, I am still wandering

Images: Courtsey dreamstime.com, flickrhivemind.net

New Year 2012

Just a change of guard
Like we move from yesterday to today
We leave behind bunch of memories
We leave behind the treasures of joy
We leave behind the trenches of losses
As the clock tick to the twelve
The fireworks mar the beautiful winter sky
With the smoke covering the glowing stars
A night is kept awake with loud music
With dancing floors sweating in its misery
Rather than the nectar, alcohol flows
Like rivers of ecstasy filling empty hearts
While those struggling, wish for a change
Hope for a new dawn and new path
Those who gave up hope plays down
It’s just another number, a routine
While the predecessors wonder in heavens
What is this mess?
This is just another month and another day
While April is the real New Year
Now it’s a fools new year
But how about those cultures
Where there are many new years
Depending upon on beliefs and harvests
Yeah, it’s just another day another year
A cycle to repeat to add to the history
This time that year that day
Get some sleep and wake up
It’s the same you
Even with all new resolutions

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