3 Jan 2012

Idyllic Path

This is my path
For my soul searching journey
Pristine stream without ripples
Standing still like a lively canvas
For the reflections of trees aside
I can see the hidden sky
Through the lenses of the morning fog
The reflections look like a green curtain
To shy away the sunshine
The stream in its silence
Tells the story of its love for its surrounding
As they embrace the solemn peace
The zig-zag path goes hidden
While immersing itself in the fog
I saw an abandoned tent
I feel I can rest for a while in it
While burning the logs around
For some heat
And, listen to the silence of nature
May be I can grab some peace
For my beleaguered heart
Confused and smitten by emptiness
Enduring the pain of a lost soul
I hope this path will take me there
Where I can see my lost soul again
In peace and warmth
Forgiving and realizing each other
Once again

Image courtesy: Magpie tales. Please visit magpietales98 to read other writers creations. Thanks.


Brian Miller said...

having lived outside and appreciating the tranquility of nature...i could cap there...and find it so refreshing....nice capture of that and its need...

Nithin R.S. said...

Thanks! The picture is so refreshing even to dream!