2 Jan 2012

Rainbow on River USK

A welsh winter morning
After an enlightened new-year
Gloomed with dark clouds
Groomed with silent rain
Chilled with wind from riverside
The festive mood was still in air
As the near empty roads suggested
I went for a walk with a friend
Gracing the lonely rain
Walking along the riverside
The usk river remained a slim beauty
Glazing its bare muddy curves
We turned around
A spectacle semi circled the river
Like a colorful hanging bridge
From the edge of its side
To the heights of a nearby tower
A rainbow sparkled
Like a portrait on cloudy canvas
As we snapped up its beauty
With our eyes
The sky opened its canvas
Tearing away the clouds
Making way for the sun to surface
It wished the dawn with a bright smile
While bidding adieu to the soul rain
As the glamour of sun flourished
The fantasy trail of rainbow diminished
With a silent goodbye! 

Image Courtsey: BBC

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