14 Jul 2012

Cross road

Standstill at a junction
Of present
Two directions
Two outcomes
One heading towards glories of past
Other heading towards oblivion of silence
Uncertainty rules
Choice is beyond me
I have to wait
Until the war clouds drizzle down
And clear the sky
Mistakes of past haunt me
Journey towards unknown beckon me

I’ve forgotten my own soul
I am searching for my old self
Lost somewhere in ocean of quarrels
Lost my goodwill on the mountain of agony
I tried to dig it down to find plain ground
Where I lost my identity
As I wish to be recognized again
And tear apart the tag of imposter
Perceptions built on first impressions
Now stands tall in front of my own shadows
I feel dwarfed by the weight of my own image
I razed scars with my words
Now I wish to heal them with compassion

I seek forgiveness
But my lost identity
Blocks my entry to old pathway
I stare at the barren new path
As time ticks down
But I wish for a new path
For a new start
Straight from the past
Without the murmurs of discontent
Without the suspicion of another breakdown
With a belief of harmony

 Images courtesy :thanks to rightful creators!

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