11 Jun 2013

A summer day at Newport

The 3 am early sunrise
River birds act as alarm clock
Day grows longer living its dream
Summer sunshine a treasure in a cold land
Glitters the souls that seek the fun of holidays

Hangouts with friends at the Newport city centre
Watching the buzz of crowd like curious kids
Listening to the street musicians soul tunes

The squirrels of the Belle Vue Park
Wander around the trees and greens
With no fear to the visitors
To find the it’s favorite nuts
Their acts reminds puppet shows
Amusing the kids who play around
Try to catch them out of curiosity
The grand oldies warm up with bowling
On the greens up the hill

Life froze when I sat on the bench
And gazed at the floral arrangement at the square
As the dawn refused to grace the lives
My wait for the stars and the night beauty of river usk
Led me to the walkway along the river
An old man taught me to pluck the chestnuts
From the chestnut tree near the sitting area
When I sit in company of the river
Dreams flew like the breeze from the river
And I walk back to the harrow road

When the lights on the footbridge spruce to life 

Images courtesy : Google images and rightful creators 

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