15 Jul 2015

Reliving - Into the Wild

Sometimes it feels, 
The woods are warmer ,
Than the coldblooded society, 
a small hobbit and a fireplace, 
a small garden aside a stream, 
somewhere far in a lonely valley,
with some sheeps for company,
life will be whole lot simpler ,
with nothing to prove,
nothing to gain,
nothing to lose,
no bonds, no chains
no hope, no expectations
no deadlines,no appeasement
just an idyllic journey amidst nature

Image courtesy : rightful creators 

14 Jul 2015


A bordered world
Patrolled by armed men
Radars, fighter planes, and ships
Seeking the blood of perceived enemies
Yet some of them breach the borders to bomb
Imaginary or futuristic threats away from the shores
Taking innocent lives for no fault of theirs, but for greed
Dismantling the lives of millions in their own homelands
By making them refugees at the mercy of neighbors
Brave hearts risk their lives and march with a hope
Through tough terrains battling adverse weathers
Militants, Traffickers, rogue patrols and open sea  
Holding breath against death at times of trouble
To reach a faraway safe land to start lives again 
Seeking asylum away from shattered homeland
To live, work, and save every penny they can    
To build a nest of safe future for themselves
And for uplifting lives of the loved ones left behind
With a wish for reunion someday in the new shore 

Images courtesy: Rightful creators 
This poem is a part of A2Z series of poems